I organize trainings on freshly fixed preparations in the field of endoscopic sinus surgeries

The post-surgery endoscopic image of the paranasal sinuses (including – frontal sinus drill out, Draf III)

Outside-In Frontal Drill-Out

Draf III surgery or a modified Lothrop procedure is used to treat refractory rhinosinusitis, frontal sinus mucocele or to provide access for treating cerebrospinal fluid leakage, frontal fractures, frontal sinus tumours, and skull base tumours.

“Outside-in” frontal sinus surgery is approach that emphasizes the early identification of the first olfactory neuron, maximum bone removal, and the preservation of the mucosa of the posterior wall of the frontal sinus.
The advantages of this approach involve the good insight, the ability to identify anatomical limitations well. In addition, bone removal is efficient and effective. Frontal sinus surgery using the “outside-in frontal drill-out” method is a safe technique based on established anatomical points.

The next edition of training is behind us!

On 21-22nd January 2020 in Poznan Lab in cooperation with the Department of Otorhinolarynolaryngology and Laryngology Oncology another course of endoscopic sinus surgery was held.

On 2-3 February 2021 in Poznanlab took place a nationwide training course in endoscopic surgery of the paranasal sinuses.