Konferencja EAFPS w Nicei


Membership of the American Rhinologic Society

I am pleased to announce that I became a member of the American Rhinologic Society.

A fruitful trip to the Rhinoworld Chicago congress


Prezentacja na kongresie w Chicago

Thank you for your Rhinoworld 2019 submission entitled Vitamin D, the SWI/SNF complex and glucocorticoids in chronic rhinosinusitis. We are pleased to inform you that your submission has been accepted for Oral Presentation.

otorynolaryngolog Warszawa

A nationwide course in paranasal sinus surgery on unfixed preparations.

On 29-30 January, a nationwide course in paranasal sinus surgery on unfixed preparations was held in Poznan. Lecturer and dissection instructor: Mariola Popko Zagor, Ph.

New methods of treating headaches

We are introducing new methods of treatment of frontal and temporal area pain, nerve neuralgia V, IX. The methods include the use of botox and minimally invasive surgical techniques (thermolesion, wing and palatal fossa blockade). Patients qualified for such procedures must be strictly selected.

Scientific Award

Functional anatomy of the nasal bones and adjacent structures. Consequences for nasal surgery.

Sinus diseases - live chat

Chronic sinusitis is a problem that affects every sixth Pole. It often appears after a common cold, and the first symptoms are not difficult to overlook. Slight headaches (especially in the area of forehead and nasal root) or rhinitis are easy to ignore, but they can herald problems with paranasal sinuses and lead to a long-term infection. When is it worth going to see a doctor? Can the symptoms be alleviated by homemade means? How to protect yourself from sinus diseases? I invite you to Live chat – 25.10.2018 o 19:00

Paranasal sinusitis - patient information

I invite you to read about paranasal sinusitis.


Last Friday, in cooperation with a nationwide course in paranasal sinus endoscopic surgery was held. The training was conducted by specialists from the Otorhinolaryngology Clinic of Warsaw Medical University. (doc. M. Popko Zagor) and international lecturers (prof. R.L.A.W. Bleys from the Medical University of Utrecht, The Netherlands). The course was attended by otorhinolaryngologists from all over Poland.

Mucous membrane atomisers

New concepts in postoperative care in patients after endoscopic sinus surgery: mucosal atomizers.


Continuation of the research FORM and FUNCTION of the external nose in cooperation with University Medical Centre Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Clinical trials of new anti-inflammatory drugs

In cooperation with American Medical Holdings Inc., Staten Island, New York USA; School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska USA, we are preparing clinical trials on new anti-inflammatory drugs for paranasal sinuses and new carriers of drugs for paranasal sinus mucosa.