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Reconstruction from rib

Opinions after surgeries:

“I would like to share my opinion after my rhinoplasty after an injury.

Reconstructive nose surgery from rib cartilage was carried out at the Czerniakowski Hospital in Warsaw by dr. Mariola Popko Zagor.

I must admit that I had a lot of fears and stress before the surgery, but I do not regret it now, and I am very glad that I made this decision. The surgery lasted for about 3 hours under general anaesthesia, and then awakening and recovery after anaesthesia, and I had in my head thoughts whether everything worked out. After the surgery, the pain was really bearable, even when removing tampons from the nose. Initially, I had a stuffy and swollen nose and swelling under the eyes, but all healed quickly. After a few days, the plaster from the nose was removed and the view of a straight nose compensates everything; it is now beautiful, and I breathe much better.

I am really happy with the course of the surgery itself, care, and post-surgery treatment itself. I thank dr. Mariola Zagor – she is a really great doctor; she has extensive knowledge and you can see that she loves what she does; I also thank everyone who participated in my surgery.” 


Good morning,

I would like to share with You my opinion after the surgery that I underwent at the Czerniakowski Hospital in Warsaw. I went to an ENT specialist because of nasal breathing problems, frequent infections of the upper respiratory tract and a crooked nose deformed due to childhood injuries.

I had nasal septum plastic surgery, nasal turbinectomy (diathermy/cryotherapy/laser surgery) and the rhinoplasty with osteoplasty of many facial bones on the 12/03/2019, at the Czerniakowski Hospital in the ENT-Department. Now I breathe freely through my nose; I got rid of persistent nasal discharge, headache, and a sore throat. In addition, my nose is straight and looks “like from a catalogue.” My comfort of life has improved significantly! I am very gratefull, and I especially wanted to thank the nice ladies, dr Mariola Zagor and dr. Martyna Waniewska-Łęczycka, who operated me, and thanks to whom I can breathe easily, and I have a pretty nose.

Yours sincerely, patient


Dear Dr. Zagor,

Thank you for an excellent restorative procedure. I appreciate your surgical expertise.  I am already enjoying the benefits of much better drainage in the left nostril. I have set aside the steroids, use the nasal saline spray only. My inhales are easier, fuller and more balanced between the left and the right lung lobes.

As a patient I am also very much pleased with the overall experience at the clinic. The staff is very competent and helpful. Everything in my case went very well, because it was done so well.

I wish you best in your practice and your ongoing research. I enjoyed reading the papers you have published so far. I will be grateful if you add me to the distribution list for your next publication.

With best Wishes and Regards,


Blizny pooperacyjne

Before deciding on surgery, patients often express concern that the healing process will be long, and the scar will be visible.

The photo below shows a patient’s post-surgery scar 14 days after the surgery.

As you can see, several days after the procedure, the scar is almost invisible.